Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of a Tuscan Gardens Resident


Before deciding to move into a senior living community like Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast, you may wonder what life will be like. Will you have the opportunity to fill your day with activities you enjoy? What will the food and dining options be like? What kind of senior living care and amenities will be provided? Will you enjoy living there? 

We’d like to invite you to a day in the life of a resident at Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast. See how a senior living community can offer you days full of variety, engagement, and support. Every day can be rich and rewarding when you become part of a senior living community.

Signature Activities – Creating engaging, meaningful, and memorable days

A day with purpose is a day worth living. When you wake up each morning in your private and comfortable suite at Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast, you’ll wake up to opportunities and options to fill your day. You can be as busy or relaxed as you like and take advantage of the robust community calendar of signature activities, including social events, outings, games, crafts, happy hours, and cultural events that add interest to each day.

Daily events bring variety to senior living

After enjoying a family-style breakfast among other residents in our home-like dining hall, you’ll have your choice of senior living amenities. You can enjoy an art or music class or try a chair yoga class to stretch your muscles and support your well-being. You can visit our regular exercise classes to support any physical therapy goals you have, or you can take time to reflect during one of several weekly times set aside for spirituality. You could even become a regular at our bingo, Rummikub, or domino games or come along on regular outings to shop, dine, and enjoy local events.

If you want a less structured day, you can enjoy our gardens and socialize with your friends over a cup of coffee. You can enjoy calm moments with your pets as Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast is a pet-friendly senior living community, taking in their love and sharing yours. You can enjoy regular family visits or phone or video calls from loved ones farther away using the up-to-date technology Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast makes available to residents. Spend time relaxing, reading, or sharing stories. It’s your day and schedule to fill as you see fit!



Daily activities tailored to your abilities

We know that an active life supports the well-being of seniors of any ability, and we incorporate vibrant living options into our memory care community through our Valeo™ Memory Care Program. Each resident receives a personalized plan of activities that suit their abilities and needs so their days can be filled with enriching, safe connections to neighbors in the community and our caregivers. From music and art therapy to time in nature, intergenerational activities, worship services, salon and spa treatments, and reminiscence sessions, life stays busy and full for the residents of our Valeo™  memory care community.

Support for daily needs from the start to the end of your day

When you join our senior living community, our Senior Living Experts at Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast will come alongside you and your family to create a care plan that supports you or your loved one’s needs, including assistance with personal care, housekeeping, medication management, and more. Each day, you’ll have regular support from our caregivers, ensuring your needs are met as you continue to live as independently as possible.

Signature Dining – Meals that nourish the body & soul

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and our authentic Tuscan kitchen, where you can watch your meals being prepared and swap recipes with the chef, is the heart of our community. We know that homemade food with fresh ingredients, many grown in our gardens, is a senior living amenity that creates a real atmosphere of home. 

Your day will include returning to the table with your friends and neighbors for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We serve meals family-style so everyone can share stories and have good company at each meal. We provide daily sit-down meals with delicious and all-day dining options, so you can enjoy food with friends or family whenever you like.



Taking a cue from Tuscany with Italian values around mealtime

We embrace an Italian philosophy around food, with togetherness, taste, and nourishment being our main goals. We bake bread daily, too; the delicious smell and comforting taste can help you feel at home. Your day will always include fresh and delicious meals, with choices that align with the Italian way of dining. Your health and longevity are our first considerations when choosing menu options, and our chefs always consider that a meal must taste good to be good for you, too!

Our chefs offer demonstrations and cooking classes right in our airy, open kitchen, bringing you into the heart of your home. You can share your skills in the kitchen and learn new ones to add to your repertoire, all while creating connections with your neighbors and the people who lovingly prepare your meals each day. 

Signature Experience – Home in every sense of the word

You are home when you choose to live at Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast. We know that aging in a place that feels like home is a need many seniors share, and we prioritize building a community that feels comfortable and connected. 



Beauty and comfort combine to feel like home

Our one—and two-bedroom suites offer privacy and comfort so you can wake up each morning and go to bed each night in a space that is truly yours. Our community encourages residents to socialize and enjoy each others’ company so that each day includes shared experiences with friends and neighbors. We encourage visitors and welcome pets because we know that a life full of companionship is truly a full life. 

We decorate our community with luxury and light in mind. Tall ceilings and large windows let in as much sunlight as possible, with beautiful furnishings and art drawing your eye and brightening your day. Our spaces for activities are large, airy, and welcoming, inviting you to see what everyone is up to and join in if you’re interested. Our large gardens offer residents seasons of natural beauty and provide delicious fresh vegetables and herbs to bring flavor and nutrition to daily meals. 



A senior living community in Palm Coast that prioritizes knowing you as a person

We consider the residents here to be family and work to get to know each and every one of them. You’re a person with a lot of experience to share, and this community is always richer when we can help residents share their life stories. Our team gets to know each resident, building strong relationships to add trust and care to daily interactions. We want to know who you are and how you’ve impacted the world. We all have a story to tell!

Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast is not just a place to live but a true home for residents. This is your home, we just happen to be honored enough to share it with you. 



A senior living community we would recommend to our own parents.

Our caring team embraces the philosophy of Salus, Latin for “well-being.” Holistic well-being incorporates physical fitness, mental stimulation, social engagement, and spiritual fulfillment.  We want community members here to feel their days are satisfying and engaging, filled with good food, good company, and good times. Our fundamental goal is to create a community we’d want our parents to be a part of, a community where residents can have care needs met while maintaining as much independence as possible, all the while being surrounded by friends and neighbors.

If you’re ready to tour our senior living community and see how being a resident here provides you with a day of opportunity and enjoyment, schedule a time to visit today to learn more and take the first steps toward a vibrant life in a thriving community. 



Established in 2011, Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast provides assisted living, Floreo, and memory care. It offers a vibrant lifestyle complete with Signature Dining, Signature Programs, and a Signature Experience grounded in celebrating family, culture, and heritage. Located in sunny Palm Coast, Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast is a place your loved one can call home, with all of the comforts you would expect from a luxury senior living community in Florida.