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Living the Italian Way: Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast Senior Living


At Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast, one of our core care philosophies is providing a hands-on, engaging lifestyle that includes family as much as possible. The name “Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast” is no accident, and they aren’t just pretty words. We model our care on the Italian way of life when it comes to aging. 

Italian-inspired senior living means enriching life for aging adults in many ways. Italians value seniors in their society and know that their aging family members are still vital, active people who need to be included in society to thrive. From our Assisted Living Community to our Floero™ Enhanced Assisted Living and Valeo™ Memory Care Neighborhoods, we look to the Italian way of senior living as a guide for our community—a community we recommend for our family!

Hands-on care and homey surroundings are all part of aging in Italy

In Italy (and here in Palm Coast, Florida), there’s a strong preference to spend life in a place that feels like home, especially as we age. As Italians age, their care needs are treated as personal considerations, with dedicated care and regular assistance considered the norm. Around 70% of Italian adults help their parents with day-to-day tasks, providing personal, hands-on care to parents who need help with daily physical needs.

As parents and loved ones age, their daily needs can grow beyond what family members can provide at home. We know we, and our parents, would like to age in a place that feels like home. We also want to help as much as possible, but where should we turn when daily needs grow beyond our abilities?

Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast knows the Italian model of care is best

A community like Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast is just what your family needs. We embrace the Italian way of senior living, and our community offers personalized, hands-on assistance for all residents. We ensure that the care provided is tailored to each resident so we can preserve as much of their independence as possible. Even our Floero™ Enhanced Assisted Living was born out of this philosophy that values giving older adults as much independence as possible while still providing them high-quality care. 

We also ensure that our Palm Coast senior living community does not just feel like home, it is home. With attractive & comfortable comfortably furnished suites, plenty of community activities to encourage time together, and team members that genuinely care, your loved one will be comfortable here. Our extensive gardens and attractive grounds enable our residents to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible and offer delicious meals with our any-time restaurant style dining, just like at home. 

Italian philosophies around food lead to longevity.

Food is another integral part of family life in Italy, and the Mediterranean diet has been proven to increase longevity and quality of life. Italy has the highest percentage of adults over the age of 80 in Europe!

The foods that are often eaten throughout Italy deserve much of the credit. With a Mediterranean diet of fruits and vegetables, meats and fish, high-quality bread and pasta, and plenty of olive oil, the foods of Italy are vital to aging well. These heart-healthy options, with colorful, healthful foods in each delicious meal, have been shown to increase life expectancy, reduce stress, reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease, improve bone density, and reduce cognitive decline. It’s hard to argue with such excellent results from simple nutritional choices! 

Food is close to our heart at Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast

At Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast, the open Tuscan-style kitchen is the heart of our community. We provide many healthy foods with our Anytime Dining. We use fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables from our garden, offer freshly baked bread, and have a balanced, highly nutritious, and highly delicious menu.

We know that food is the essence of many homes, and we make sure residents have a taste of Italy whenever they want. Residents are welcome to watch our chefs prepare meals and are encouraged to share home-style, communal meals so conversation and togetherness become part of each day. We welcome residents to share their family recipes with our chefs so all can share a taste of home, and we offer cooking classes so our community can come together to share the joy of food. 

Italian-inspired senior living: life doesn’t stop as you grow older 

As we age, we must remain active and vital parts of society. Socializing, spending time with family and friends, and participating robustly in the day-to-day lives of those around us are the everyday realities of Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast residents. A life with purpose, where you have something to look forward to and where you know people are looking forward to seeing you, increases the quality of life for all of us, particularly as we age. 

It’s common in Italy for people to remain active in business and family affairs even after they retire. Their knowledge and experience are valued, and their stories are listened to with interest. In Italy, people know that as they age, they will still be considered valuable, intelligent, and worth hearing, and having a place in society in that way allows people to be vital and active.

We encourage residents to share their life stories and experiences with us and each other as much as they like. We know that those who call Tuscan Gardens home have lived full lives before moving into our Palm Coast assisted living & memory care community, and each individual’s story matters. We honor and celebrate their legacy, recognizing the richness of their life experiences and the profound impact they have had on their families and our community. Their stories, wisdom, and contributions inspire us to cherish each moment and embrace the beauty of aging together. Connecting with fellow residents creates a tight-knit community with the feel of an extended family, and sharing life stories is integral to that sense of belonging. 

Socializing and family are life staples as Italians age

Being out and about, socializing, enjoying an afternoon coffee, playing cards, and visiting with friends are all part of an Italian’s life as they age. Family visits are also a big part of life. Spending time with multiple generations is common and an essential part of life in Italy. 

At Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast, we encourage family visits at any time and have technology in place so that virtual visits between in-person visits using in-suite touchscreen technology can keep you close to family. We also encourage connection between residents so their idea of family can expand to include those they live with. Overall, we fully embrace the Italian way as inspiration for our community, and our focus on a rich, full, connected life offers our residents engagement and fun every day. 

Italian-inspired, high-quality senior living at Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast

There is a crisis in terms of long-term care needs as adults are aging in the US. There is a particular concern about the quality of care available. Lackluster care, without a philosophy of dedication to making life worth living regardless of someone’s age, is all too common. Communities that lack engaging activities, high-quality, nutritious food, and dedicated care that your loved one deserves are unfortunately easy to find.

We know we want our parents to receive high-quality care as they age. So we have created a community where care needs, from Assisted Living to Floero™ Enhanced Assisted Living and Valeo™ Memory Care, can be provided with a feel of home, caring, and warmth. We’d be proud to have our parents live in our community because of our commitment to Italian-inspired, high-quality senior living.

If you have a loved one who would like to see our Italian way of life and explore our community, we welcome you to schedule a tour with us today. You can contact us through our website or by calling 386-597-1588. We look forward to showing you the hands-on care, delicious foods, and welcoming, warm-hearted enrichment that is part of our everyday here at Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast. 

Established in 2011 and managed by the highly experienced AgeWell Solvere Living, Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast offers a vibrant lifestyle with chef-prepared meals, engaging programs, and rewarding social events grounded by celebrating family, culture, and heritage. Our philosophy is simple: We proudly provide a senior living community we would recommend even to our parents.