A community that is worthy of our own parents

The philosophy of Tuscan Gardens at Palm Coast is simple, yet incredibly important:

We provide a senior living community we would recommend to our own parents.

Tuscan Gardens at Palm Coast is centered on family, lifestyle, and engagement, offering an unparalleled senior living experience.
Assisted living and memory care that is worthy of our parents. And yours.

Senior Lifestyle


Family is at the core of Tuscan Gardens at Palm Coast. We wholeheartedly welcome families at any time of day. Join your loved one for dinner, visit them in their private living suite, and enjoy the inviting indoor and outdoor spaces of our senior community. Take leisurely walks in the gardens, relax by the fountains, or participate in activities and programs alongside your loved one. When distance keeps you apart, we offer integrated technology for instant connections, including user-friendly, in-room touchscreen monitors. Additionally, our community offers computer technology that grants real-time access to common area activities.

Our associates and residents are like family to us, sharing experiences, meals, and activities. We foster friendship and fellowship through our thoughtfully designed community and intentional programming, which encourages our residents to engage.

Senior Lifestyle


Our community is thoughtfully designed to enhance the art of living. From our Mediterranean-inspired architecture, to our beautifully landscaped grounds, residents are invited to immerse themselves in the beauty of our community.

Our spacious and well-lit interiors are adorned with plush furnishings and original artwork, featuring high ceilings and ample windows that bathe the space in natural light.

The heart of our community is our open Tuscan kitchen, where our talented chefs craft meals using fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits sourced from our own gardens. The air is filled with the delightful scents of home-cooked dishes simmering on the stove, fragrant basil growing in our garden, and freshly baked bread in the oven.

Our dedicated associates go beyond knowing just the names of our residents; they understand their life stories. This intimate connection fosters a profound sense of family, comfort, and belonging, making Tuscan Gardens at Palm Coast feel like home.

Senior Lifestyle

Engagement: Signature Life Enrichment Programming

Tuscan Gardens at Palm Coast is a thriving, dynamic community that encourages residents to embrace the joys of life.

Our life enrichment programs include a wide array of activities,and entertaining events, and provide residents with opportunities to live their lives as they would in their own private homes. Whether it’s cooking, reading, painting, gardening, baking, or shopping, the possibilities are endless. Our diverse programming also includes educational events that open doors to new discoveries, encouraging residents to explore their hobbies, interests, and acquire fresh knowledge. Some of our offerings are purely for pleasure, from daily afternoon tea to live musical performances and entertainment.