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What is Memory Care


what is memory care

When a senior is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other cognitive impairment, they require an attentive, safe and special care. Professional caregivers with experience interacting with memory care patients will become even more important.

Memory care involves learning how to give your loved one the best support possible by managing challenges of early-onset memory care disease. Keeping in mind that caring for a loved one with memory care is a journey no one should have to take alone. Caregivers need all the support of a loving community who understand their perspective.

At Tuscan Gardens®, our goal is to help our memory care residents enjoy a rich, worry-free, and active lifestyle. It continues with person-centered care delivered with gentle compassion and understanding by our associates who treat residents just as they would family members.

In an effort to create engaging, meaningful and memorable days, we embed new skills with new routines that encourage brain stimulation, while understanding that new skills take time to develop. We practice reinforcing success with praise and rewards that help motivate a loved one to leave their comfort zone and overcome challenges.

Our Signature Memory Care Program, Illuminari, provides individualized care that honor’s the resident’s past, respects the present, and guides toward the future.

Excerpts from Larry’s book, titled “Reinventing Senior Living. The Art of Living With Purpose, Passion & Joy

Reinventing Senior Living®

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