Top Five Reasons Seniors Move to Florida


According to, Florida’s 2030 population is projected to be 23.9 million, with 6 million of those residents age 65 and older. That’s a 71% increase in the senior population since 2010! They’re coming in droves. So what’s the draw? Read on to find out.


Florida gives seniors a lovely climate year round. Despite the hot and humid summers, Florida seasons tend to be mind and warm.


There is no state income tax in Florida and the state also does not tax retirement income or Social Security benefits. There are no estate or inheritance taxes, and property and sales taxes are reasonable, making the state financially appealing to seniors looking to save their money in retirement.


The high concentration of seniors in Florida has led some of the world’s best geriatric professionals to Florida, giving seniors some of the best medical care in the world.


For many of us, having a well-run community sounds great after years of managing our own homes. Also, Senior Living Communities have all the amenities and services you desire while providing a built-in social element.


Looking to get more bang for your buck in terms of housing and day-to-day services? Move to Florida. The majority of areas throughout the Sunshine State are very affordable compared to many other U.S. states.

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