Tips on Upsizing Your Senior Living Lifestyle: A New Perspective on Downsizing


Downsizing often brings to mind thoughts about decluttering, packing, moving hassles, selling your home. However, many who have made the move to a senior living community have experienced life-changing benefits. Here are just a few you can expect to experience when you downsize to a senior living community:

  1. No More Maintenance – Keeping up with household chores or paying for yard work and seasonal maintenance is overwhelming and expensive. At a senior living community, you don’t have to spend your time doing housework with included housekeeping, linen, and maintenance services. Downsizing lets you focus on more important things.
  2. Manageable Space – If you’re living on your own or with your spouse, chances are you don’t need as much space as when you were raising children or hosting guests. Downsizing to a smaller home makes it much easier to manage your space. Rather than keeping up with empty rooms, spend your energy on making a smaller – yet spacious – apartment shine with your unique style.
  3. Financial Benefits – Along with homeownership comes the financial burdens of taxes and home repairs. Major repairs often come unannounced and could cost you thousands of dollars. Even small repairs add up. At a senior living community, you no longer have to worry about uncertain financial expenses. Without the burdens of paying for repairs and property tax, you can put your home equity to good use.
  4. Less Stress – All of these benefits inevitably equal less overall stress for you! Your new, smaller home will be easier to keep clean and organized, and someone else will be taking care of maintenance jobs. You can stop worrying about things that take away your time, energy, money and even health, and start enjoying some peace of mind.
  5. More Freedom & Free Time – When you downsize your home, you’ll regain the free time lost on homeowner responsibilities and be able to spend it on the things you love. Want to go away for an impromptu vacation? Your home is safe and secure within your community.
  6. Social Engagement – Your social circle might have grown much smaller than it used to be. At senior living community, social interaction and involvement are effortless and accessible. With special programming, clubs and day trips, there’s always something fun to do. It’s easy to make new friends and meet people with similar interests.
  7. Security – In a community setting, you no longer have to worry about your safety. Gone are the days of worrying about a break-in or an inclement weather crisis stranding you away from necessities. Plus, apartments are usually equipped with emergency call systems, in case you should ever experience a health emergency.
  8. The Chance to Start a New Chapter – Downsizing and moving to a new, easier-to-manage community home can give you the chance to begin a new chapter in life. Downsizing to a senior living community can be a catalyst for changes for the better. Rather than viewing the move as a compaction of your life, be encouraged to view it instead as making yourself available to new possibilities!

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