Talking to Your Loved One About Senior Living


Now that you have had some time to step back and evaluate why you believe senior living is a good option to talk about, organize your thoughts ahead of time so you are ready to express your thoughts and feelings before the talk even begins. Going in prepared, both emotionally and intellectually, can assist you with keeping your tone appropriate and level-headed. 

Conversations about senior care are often stressful for all of those involved. Here are a few tips that may help:

Introducing the Topic of Senior Living

Bringing up the topic of senior living in a positive way, at a good time, can actually be half the battle. Be conscious to the timing of the discussion. Steer clear of bringing up your concerns during a high stress time or when the time doesn’t allow for good discussion. 

Be Prepared for Strong Emotions

Even though you may have been considering senior living for awhile, your worries may seem abrupt for your loved one or family members. Even if you phrase it kindly, emotions can make your loved one feel attacked and they may become defensive. Don’t let their negative reaction keep you from gently continuing your conversation, and be sure that you are taking ample time to listen to everyone’s feelings. 

Don’t be Pushy

If you are met with negative response, resist the urge to continue to push your views or concerns in the same way. It can be easy to be viewed as a bully. Just because you have taken time to research and reflect on what you think is best, it doesn’t mean you will be met kindly. Adapt your approach to fit the mood of the room, remaining gentle, kind and persistent.  

Stand Your Ground if Needed

Listening to the opinions and thoughts of others in the room is imperative, but this does not mean that you  need to change your opinion. If you are sure this is the best decision, be firm in your stand for senior living assistance. However, understand that you may not be able to sway everyone in the room to your position within one conversation, no matter how well executed. 

Don’t Wait — Come in for a Visit!

Everyone has their own preconceived ideas when it comes to senior living, but over the past decade senior living has undergone major cultural changes. A visit to Tuscan Gardens will quickly show your loved one that senior living is not what they envisioned. In fact, it more resembles a luxurious all-inclusive resort with the warmth and comfort of home.

Additionally, your loved one may be doing well on their own right now, but health conditions and emergencies can change in a heartbeat. Securing senior care before accidents happen may seem counterintuitive, but it assures that your entire family has had the chance to carefully select the perfect senior community outside of a health crisis situation.

For an example of a more detailed conversation dialog click the button below to download “The Conversation” a guide to positive responses while discussing senior care. 

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