Shark Week


The annual obsession with Shark Week arrives at Tuscan Gardens®. For those who have no idea about Shark Week, here’s a brief history:

  • Shark Week is TV programming at Discovery Channel devoted to sharks.
  • It is the longest-running cable television event in history.
  • It grew in popularity and is broadcasted in over 72 countries. (via

We could go on and on, but let’s not focus away from all the fun our residents are having at the community. We are fully immersed in shark-themed activities!

On the menu:

Shark-themed Jell-O shots and shark fin cupcakes.

Shark-themed fruit display!

shark week fruit carving

We have great residents, delicious food, engaging activities and so much more. Anyone or anything will be envious. Even the Shark wants a “bite” of the action! Don’t underestimate the “size” of fun at Tuscan Gardens! View it yourself but proceed with caution.

Inspired by our Family, Created for Yours

Social lives thrive at Tuscan Gardens as residents gather to enjoy happy hours, card games, trivia challenges and other signature activities that foster friendships and make memories. Your loved one deserves to have it all. At Tuscan Gardens, they do.

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