Sense of Aesthetic


The Art of Living with Purpose, Passion & Joy® clamors for original art, sculpture, and photography that represent real collectibles.

When we talk about history, art, elegance, grace, and finesse, the end goal is a “sense of the aesthetic” – an appreciation for the quality of the contribution that history, art, finesse, and elegance offer us as human beings.

For Tuscan Gardens®, our senior residents have certainly earned the right to live in that setting. They have fought the good fight their entire lives. Tuscan Gardens is the payoff.

In bringing Tuscan Gardens of Venetia Bay to fruition, we focused on classy, elegant, and upscale finishes such as  25 to 30 fused liquid glass art which was sourced from an artist who just happens to be our CEO’s sister, Joy.

Experimenting with diverse media and styles, Joy has found the perfect blend of color, form, and light with her glass pieces.

Joy has been a lifelong artistic explorer and through the years has found various outlets for expressing her creativity. The full-scale floor or tabletop pieces offer an artistic focal point to tie rooms together.

Since Tuscan Gardens of Venetia Bay is a testament to Larry and Joy’s mother and their heritage, it’s only fitting that Joy is represented in the halls as well.

Excerpts from Larry’s book, titled “Reinventing Senior Living. The Art of Living With Purpose, Passion & Joy

Reinventing Senior Living®

Tuscan Gardens is a living legacy to a wonderful mother that totally reimagined Supported Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care communities for our seniors.

A one of a kind community in which residents are considered family members and everyone’s lifestyle is filled with Elegance, Purpose, Passion & Joy®.

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