Rosie’s Journey to Tuscan Gardens


“I had no intention of moving into a senior living community. Now, three years later, I can’t imagine being without my extended Tuscan Gardens Family. I’d never go anywhere else.”

When Rosie’s husband was in the beginning stages of dementia, her son researched and visited every community in the area. They originally decided Rosie would not be joining her husband in the move, but her son kept telling her there was something completely warm and comforting about Tuscan Gardens and urged Rosie to come and see why.

Rosie visited the community and immediately felt the warm connection of “family”. She toured a suite where she and her husband could reside together, and it just felt right.

Within a few weeks, Rosie suffered an episode which landed her unconscious on the floor. Within minutes, Rosie’s caregiver appeared and stayed beside her —comforting and reassuring her — until the paramedics arrived. Little did Rosie know she would be the one who benefited the most from their decision to move into Tuscan Gardens. This journey was not just about her husband — it was about her too.

Tuscan Gardens remains a constant source of security, support, kindness, love, and compassion for Rosie.

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