Introducing Tuscan Garden’s Signature Lifestyle


Tuscan Gardens® at Venetia Bay in Venice, Florida, is going to change your perspective on senior living. In fact, when you think of the term “senior living,” what comes to mind? A “facility” that is more institutional than homelike? Impersonal furnishings and décor? Seniors gathered around a TV or playing bingo? Cold, stark cafeterias serving pre-made food?

Prepare to be surprised and enlightened. Tuscan Gardens® was developed to be the antithesis of “typical” senior living. It all starts with perspective.

At Tuscan Gardens® of Venetia Bay, they believe that needing support and assistance and enjoying a rich, fulfilling life are not mutually exclusive. Why should a senior adult forgo the simple joys of everyday living ­— good food, great friendships, engaging activities, a comfortable home — simply because he or she needs a bit of help with the activities of daily living?

This senior living community was created to offer a signature lifestyle that elevates every aspect of every day — accommodations, décor, dining, programming and care ­— to new heights of luxury, personalization and excellence. But more importantly, it was created to feel like home, from the comfortable couch in the living room to the delightful aroma of cookies baking in the kitchen.

This promise of a signature lifestyle was made before the first spade of dirt was moved to allow for construction. It was made when the owners and developers searched for senior living for their own parents and were disappointed in the choices they found. More than disappointed, they could not envision placing their loved ones in such places.

They set out to create a community worthy of their parents in every respect. Tuscan Gardens® is the fulfillment of their vision. The signature lifestyle offered at this thoughtfully and purposefully designed community is unlike any available today. It has the ability to change lives. For residents and their families. For the better.

The Signature Experience

The difference in the senior living lifestyle offered at Tuscan Gardens® is evident from the moment you arrive at the community. The architecture, design, façade — none of it looks institutional. In fact, it looks like a Tuscan villa, beckoning you inside to join the family.

The grounds are meticulously maintained and boast lush flower, vegetable and herb gardens, refreshing fountains and meandering walking paths. The surroundings feel more like a resort or five-star hotel — upscale and inviting.

Inside, exquisite furnishings, original artwork and soaring ceilings welcome you to bask in the beauty of the surroundings. Sun streams through tall windows, filling the rooms with light. Delectable aromas waft from the kitchen. Spacious yet personal, the community offers a variety of great rooms, a media center, a library, a salon and spa, a chapel and more, all readily accessible to residents and guests.

The beauty of the surroundings continues to the private living suites. Elegantly appointed, the suites are available in both one-bedroom and two-bedroom floor plans. Unlike other senior living communities, these suites are spacious and feel like true apartments. Residents bring their own furniture and mementos to create homes that reflect their styles and tastes, and feel solely theirs.

Just Like Family

The signature experience encompasses care, as well. All the care associates at Tuscan Gardens® treat residents just as they would their own family members. There’s a real bond and relationship between them; this bond is authentic and genuine. The care associates take the time to get to know each resident and his or her family. They learn each person’s life story — not simply on a surface level, but deep down, to the real meaning of each person’s life. With this personal knowledge in their hearts and heads, they are empowered to deliver care that is personalized to each individual, ensuring that it meets each resident’s specific needs, enhances abilities, emphasizes preferences and promotes independence.

Signature Dining

A great emphasis is placed on food and the entire experience that surrounds it. For many residents, the kitchen was the heart of the home. It was where they shared family meals, entertained guests, chatted with a neighbor over a cup of coffee, helped kids do homework; the kitchen was where life happened.

At Tuscan Gardens®, this same warmth, sharing and yes, dining, continue in the Tuscan Kitchen. The kitchen is open, so residents can watch as the chef and his crew prepare meals. The area offers ample seating at tables and islands. Residents gather for family-style meals, filled with delicious food and lively conversation. Just like home.

There is no “institutional” food served here. All the food is made fresh on site by a Tuscan chef. Many of the fruits, vegetables and herbs used in meal preparation are grown right on site, in the many gardens. In fact, many of the residents have lovingly tended to those gardens, just as they did at home. As a result, delicious aromas waft through the community, evoking fond memories — fresh coffee brewing, sauce simmering on the stove, a homemade loaf of bread baking in the oven.

Because cooking was such an essential part of so many lives, the Tuscan Kitchen is also a site for entertainment and life enrichment programming. With the open kitchen and plentiful seating, culinary demonstrations are held on a regular basis. On many occasions, residents are invited to share recipes, participate in the cooking classes and baking demonstrations, and more.

As is the norm at Tuscan Gardens®, there are choices. A bistro and a café are also on site, offering more casual dining or a hot cup of coffee when the mood strikes.

Signature Life Enrichment

Tuscan Gardens® was created to be more than a beautiful, supportive place to call home. It was designed to be full of life! Every day is filled with opportunities for residents to learn something new, be entertained, gather with friends, have fun and laugh. This is not the typical activities schedule found in a senior living community; these are rich, vibrant, in-depth programs that fill days and lives with meaning, enjoyment and fulfillment.

Instruction, education and demonstrative activities are offered often and the topics are diverse. From learning a new language, to playing an instrument or mastering the art of photography, to gardening, cooking, painting and more, residents have endless opportunities to learn something new or continue a lifelong hobby or pastime.

Tuscan Gardens® was designed to be a perfect venue for entertainment. The community plays host to myriad visiting artists, inviting residents to enjoy plays, theater presentations, instrument recitals, vocal performances and more. The arts are alive at Tuscan Gardens, and the passion for the arts extends beyond these walls. Residents enjoy trips to area art museums, local theater productions and more.

Of course, one of the advantages of living in a community is being a part of the community. Tuscan Gardens® hosts a variety of social functions that encourage residents to come together, get to know one another and form friendships. From happy hours to a variety of games, the common threads in this social calendar are fun and camaraderie. There’s always something to look forward to. Always an event to attend and enjoy. And always someone with whom to share the experience.

The Art of Living Well

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