Healthy Life with Healthy Food


As the body ages, it becomes more important than ever to get the right vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and fiber to remain strong and healthy. Yet at the same time, regular nutritious meals are also more of a challenge to prepare — especially if there are additional dietary conditions to manage.

At Tuscan Gardens®, our onsite Tuscan chef artfully prepares fresh meals that are nutritious, delicious and satisfying while offering our residents a variety of dining options including three chef-prepared meals daily, snacks and anytime dining options. 

We know a delicious meal can evoke memories and create comfort. At Tuscan Gardens®, homemade food is an essential part of every day. Our authentic Tuscan Kitchen is the heart of our home — using only the freshest and finest

Our elegant dining rooms host restaurant style dining where residents can share meals, talk about events of the day and make plans for tomorrow, just like the family table at home.

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