Grandparents Day


Grandparents are precious links to family traditions, heritage and culture. Most of us have fond memories from our childhood spending quality time with our grandparents, and may even still quote the life lessons and knowledge they have imparted on us over the years.

Officially, Grandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in September after Labor Day. But honestly, they should be celebrated every day! They are the rock-solid foundation of our families and society.

This day is a great time to share family stories and reminisce treasured moments while browsing family albums. Use this opportunity to shower your grandparents with unconditional love.

We are sure you don’t need help celebrating, but here are some of our favorite ways:

Capture. Capture their life stories, humor, lessons, love and everything in between, in the form of their handwriting, photos and most importantly, video.

Family vacations. Benefits of multigenerational traveling allows for some valuable bonding time. It creates lifelong memories and family traditions.

Closing distances.Families don’t always live in close proximity with grandparents, so both grandkids, and grandparents potentially miss out on the benefits of interacting with one another. Find ways to connect with your grandparents. Distance may be a great barrier, but technology will help bridge this gap. Video calls are a wonderful way to help close distances! Use this opportunity to stay in touch.

Get to know their likes and dislikes. Make time for important conversations. Take note of their health status and what they require to navigate life. The most original gifts are the ones that show just how well we know our grandparents.

Health-appropriate gifts. Keeping track of their health can also be the deciding factor for gifting. There are many fashionable health-monitoring watches that can help encourage activity, track sleep patterns, etc.

Bake from treasured/heirloom family recipes. The way to anyone’s heart is through his or her stomach. What is better than sharing a tender moment while having grandma’s famous banana bread?

At the end of the day, for grandparents, it is really the thought that counts – no gifts will amount to quality time spent.Be sure to give yours some much needed quality time, hugs and kisses!

If they have departed, raise a glass in honor of their legacy.