7 Ways Senior Living Differs from Perception


Senior living has undergone major culture changes in the last decade. Your perception is likely no longer a reality. Many communities – like Tuscan Gardens Senior Living – resemble more luxurious all-inclusive resorts than assisted living communities. You or your loved one might actually be missing out on benefits that could vastly improve their lifestyle.

  1. Residents have more independence than at home. Communities are specifically designed to provide just the right amount of support and assistance to help residents live their best lives – daily.
  2. Senior living communities are more like resorts. Senior living communities like Tuscan Gardens boast beautiful landscaping, spacious accommodations, elegant common areas, and resort-like amenities such as fitness centers, restaurant-style dining, housekeeping, salons, concierge services, and transportation.
  3. Residents stay active and connected. You’ll be surprised by the number of opportunities residents have to learn, grow, enjoy hobbies, socialize, and pursue fitness goals. In fact, the monthly calendars at Tuscan Gardens are filled with events, activities, classes, clubs, and outings.
  4. Residents can personalize their space. We encourage residents to decorate their suite in their own style by bringing personal items and furniture. Ask for a floor plan ahead of time, and have fun planning your space!
  5. Residents have as much privacy as they want. Tuscan Gardens offers a range of private accommodations, giving our residents privacy to enjoy some quiet time in their own suite. We also offer any number of indoor and outdoor spaces as well.
  6. People move to senior living while perfectly healthy. Tuscan Gardens supports overall wellness with a lifestyle that’s active, convenient, and maintenance free, so you have more time to enjoy the things you love with fewer burdens on your shoulders. Plus, you have peace of mind that support is available should your health needs change.
  7. Senior living can be more economical than staying at home. Often, people aren’t comparing the true cost of living at home with the monthly rent in senior living. To get an accurate comparison, you must include food, utilities, home maintenance, property taxes, insurance, and entertainment. What’s more, the cost of at-home care and modifications to make a home more accessible may be more expensive than anticipated!

Now that you have had some time to step back and evaluate why you believe senior living is a good option to talk about, organize your thoughts ahead of time so you are ready to express your thoughts and feelings before the talk even begins. Download “The Conversation” a guide to positive responses while discussing senior care. 

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