The 25 Best Places To Retire in 2014


Retirement is one of those chances in life to do something really different. With kids usually out of the house, many people look at it as an opportunity to move to a place that better fits their likings and budget — somewhere affordable that’s warmer (or colder), more rural (or urban), with good medical care and options for an active life, including perhaps a part-time job.

We’ve identified 25 such communities of varying sizes that retirees and those nearing retirement would do well to consider. These spots are spread across 16 states in all four continental time zones. Four states–Texas, Florida, South Carolina and Pennsylvania–have two or more listings. About three-quarters of our picks are in climates considered warm or moderate. That’s not surprising since weather is one factor taken into account, and polls show seniors prefer warm climates. Nevertheless, a number of colder cities made the cut, including Fargo, N.D., Pittsburgh, Pa., and Boise, Idaho.

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